Friday, 02/28/14 Tlaxcala

We got into town about 2:30 in the afternoon and found the Hotel Alifer. Walked the 2 blocks to the Zocalo and sat down for beer and a snack. By 4 pm the town was hopping! The world famous Tlaxcala folk dancers were everywhere. They had a fair set up with rides, games, food, parades, and music everywhere. They threw a party in our honor, how cool is that. Woohoo!!! Looks a lot like Carnaval…. We had only planned to stay for a couple of nights but since they threw this party for us we decided to stay 5 nights.



A few more from the dirt road to Hierve El Agua.


Thursday, 02/27/14, Hierve El Agua

Headed east out of town this morning to visit Hierve El Agua (The Water Boils). Stopped on the way to see El Arbol del Tule. This tree is at best guess around 1500 years old and a diameter of 31′ to 42′ depending on how it measured. Either way, it’s a big tree. 

We turned off at Mitla and started up the 8 mile dirt road to Hierve El Agua. The ride in was fantastic with awesome views. We went from 5500′ up to 7600′ and back down to less than 6000′ feet. It was a blast! The Water Boils was also pretty impressive but not quite boiling, in fact, it was pretty dang chilly. There are 2 larger pools for swimming and several smaller ones. Pretty awesome views too. 

From Wikipedia, ” The rock formations are often described as “cascadas de sal” (salt waterfalls), “cascadas petrificadas” (petrified waterfalls)[2] and “cascadas pétreas” (rock waterfalls) .[6] The falls are formed by relatively small amounts of water which is oversaturated with calcium carbonate and comes to the surface through cracks or figures on the mountainside. The water has a temperature of 22 to 27C. As the water runs down the rock face, it forms large stalactites similar to those found in caves. The flow of water from the spring varies significantly between the dry and rainy seasons.”

We spent a couple hours there and then we got to ride back out again. Woohoo! It was even more fun on the way out.



Wednesday, 02/26/14, Atzompa

Had a late lunch at the cafeteria at Monte Alban and decided to ride over to some more ruins that we had seen on Google maps on a nearby mountain top about 2 miles away. We could see the mountain and the road up it from our lunch spot. Atzompa was first excavated in about 1940 but nothing much really happend until around 2007 when funding was available to begin again. They have excavated about 8-10 structures so far. They have built 2 new roads up the mountain, a restaurant, restrooms, etc and it opened in 2012. There was nobody there, I mean we were the only people there. The parking lot was empty and we had the place to ourselves. And to top it off there is no entrance fee at the moment. They have a guard shack at the entrance but are not set up to take money at this time. It was cool to see it in the early stage of excavation. They ball court has been excavated and it is the biggest found to date, even bigger than the one at Monte Alban. Not a lot to see yet but it was fun and you can’t beat the price.



Wednesday, 02/26/14 Monte Alban

Took a little ride today up the hill to the ruins of Monte Alban. It is situated on a mountain top overlooking Oaxaca. I had read you could do it in a couple hours but we were there 4.5 hrs. Guess we walk kinda slow. 


Tuesday, 02/25/14
Sometime during Monday night Montezuma had invaded with a vengeance.  He had the upper hand for most of the night but I went on the offensive Tuesday morning and we battled toe to toe throughout the day. By the evening I had victory within my grasp and by Wednesday morning I had kicked his ass.  Woohoo!!
Sorry, no pics…..

Monday, 02/24/14

Got into Oaxaca early afternoon and found a great little hotel about 2 blocks from the Zocalo. Posada La Casa de La Tia is owned by Marko who rides a Harley. Monday morning I asked him about borrowing some tools to adjust the steering head bearings on the bike. He didn’t have what I needed but he led me to a bike shop that did. He called his buddy Ricardo, who owned the shop, and he met us there and in about an hour and a half Ricardo had the bearing adjusted and the bike back together. Total charge was $100 pesos, less than $8. Gotta love Mexico! 


Saturday, 02/22/14 San Jose Del Pacifico

We finally decided we had best get moving north after 3 weeks at the beach. With perfect weather every day it was not an easy thing to do.  🙂  We had stopped in a little town named San Jose Del Pacifico on the way down and really liked it so we decided to break up the ride to Oaxaca into 2 days of about 100 miles each and stop there again on the way north.  We didn’t want to overdo it after pretty much 3 weeks of not riding.  🙂  We got a cabin with a fireplace at La Puesta Del Sol.  A guy brought us a wheelbarrow load of wood and lit the fire for us.  Hard to believe that the day before we were sitting on the beach sipping a cerveza in 85 degree temps and tonight it would get down in the 40’s.  It does that at 8100′.


Sunday, 02/16/14

We were pulling out yesterday to go to Estrella de Mar when I felt the bike getting kinda squirelly. Pulled over and the tire was nearly flat. I checked it out and found a 1″ nail about 1/16″ in diameter. I aired it up to about 25psi and rode the half mile to the hotel. Went down this morning to plug it. Pulled the nail, reamed it out the hole, plugged it with a worm, aired it up to 33 psi, and checked for leaks with some liquid hand soap mixed with water. Looks good! I’ll give it a couple days, recheck, and air it on up to 42psi.



Saturday 02/16/14

We spent 2 weeks at Brisa Marina here in Zipolite. Decided it was too soon to leave so we are staying another week before turning north. We have changed hotels though. We found a fantastic hotel toward the east end of the beach at a pretty good price. Estrella de Mar is about $34/night.